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“The comfort zone is a nice place, but nothing grows there. Take the leap today and start your business!”

Caroline Cummings – CEO & Founder Varo Ventures

Applications Are Now Closed for SportX 2021

What to Expect

SportX will help you figure out how to build your Sports and Wellness startup. The Resolve Partners team have worked with hundreds of founders helping them from the earliest stage to raising millions in funding and growing their businesses internationally.

In SportX you’ll join other motivated smart founders in identifying a viable, scalable business model.

The programme runs over six days from mid-October to the end of November, finishing with a showcase. You’ll meet customers, mentors and guest speakers who will give you real practical insight.

It will change how you understand your customer and your business.


Programme Overview

Week 1

Problem Validation

Are you solving an important problem? Is it the right problem. Is it a large enough problem.

Week 2

Customer Discovery

Who is your customer ? Why is this problem important to them. What assumptions do you need to validate

Week 3

Value Proposition

Can you create compelling value to make this into a business that can grow and scale rapidly? And why will you be better than than competition.

Week 4

The Market and Marketing

How large is your market? How do you measure it? How do you talk about your market in a way that makes you credible?

Week 5

Brilliant Pitches

Learn how to tell a compelling story about your startup. How to refine and distill your ideas in a way that attracts customers, mentors, and investors.

Week 6

Company Building

Building a business, building a team and building your product. Key next steps for your startups, where to go next and how to fund the next steps.

Pre-accelerator Showcase

Showcase your progress to potential partners, team members, customers, investors and entrepreneurs.

Resolve Partners is delighted to be working with Arclabs the Waterford Institute of Technology and the WIT Arena, UPMC and SportsTechIreland on this programme.

Supported By

SportX is brought to you through the generous support of Arclabs Fund 1 GP Ltd. The investors in Arclabs Fund 1 are Enterprise Ireland, Suir Valley Ventures, Bank of Ireland Seed and Early Stage Equity Fund, South East BIC, Centrica Innovations, and the  Local Authorities of Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a company ?

No you can come on the programme without having a company formed (you can also come on it if you’ve a company formed)

Do I need to have a product built?

Its great if you do but you don’t need to have built a product (or even an MVP) at this stage.

Do I need to attend for all six days?

Yes. If you can’t commit this won’t be for you.

Where will the programme be held?

In line with current Covid guidelines and to provide maximum flexibility the programme will run remotely. (Don’t worry we do this a lot and our Zoom programmes are superb and good fun.)

Do I need a team?

A team would be great but we’ll take sole founders as well. (We’ll give you some tips about how to build a team on the programmes?)

Does this cost anything?

Only your time and energy. The funding for this is provided by Arclabs Fund 1

What is the time commitment?

Approx 7 hours per week. 6 hours for the programme and 1 hour individual 1:1 followups with a mentor.

Other questions ?